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Part-time is not flexible working

I attended the Oakleaf Partnership part-time working event at Linklaters’ lovely London HQ this morning, and really enjoyed meeting some great people and listening to some fascinating perspectives. But what struck me most about the event was how we still appear to be focussing on “part-time” working as much as we talk about “flexible working”. […]

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Creating a culture of value

I should have known better. I jumped on the 17.06 to Bradford Upon Avon at 17.08, thinking how lucky I had been by securing my standing spot in the vestibule on a train that must surely have been on the cusp of leaving Paddington station. 15 minutes later, we left the station, and then proceeded […]

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STEM Diversity?

Some years ago, I was the recruitment representative on the UK Diversity Council of a large multinational engineering and technology business. The UK Chairman expressed concern that we weren’t recruiting many female engineers. “We need to recruit more female engineers,” said he. “Yes, that would be good,” quoth I. “But you do know that there […]

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