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The strategy of future talent recruitment

I’m fortunate enough in my career to have worked with dozens of employers, and have spoken in detail with every one of them about not only what they do to source and retain their future talent, but why they recruit for their future talent programmes in the first place. At first, the answers surprised me. […]

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Education, education, education

It is extraordinary to think that Tony Blair gave the (in)famous “Education, education, education” conference speech almost 20 years ago now (1996). In the time since then we have witnessed the rise and fall of New Labour, the first term of the first coalition government since 1945, university tuition fees being introduced and then “uncapped” […]

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Why recruitment automation threatens our society

How’s that for a dramatic title? Might be stretching the whole “isn’t recruitment important?” agenda a little too far? Well, let’s think about it. The best hires I have ever made, the ones I can look back on and truly say “I did well that day” are the ones where my intuition has overridden the […]

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Why your recruitment metrics are wrong

At one point in my career, a few years ago, I ran two separate recruitment teams which managed all permanent and contract recruitment at two separate organisations. They were big operations, hiring in total around 3,500 permanent hires per annum, and running contractor books worth literally in the tens of millions of pounds (get me). […]

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Why underinvestment in talent acquisition is hurting your bottom line

I get it. No, really I do. If I was the guy with the red pen hovering over the costs on the company’s P&L, I’d be a bit tempted to knock some noughts off that “Recruitment” line. This is the recession, after all. Times are hard, and we just have to Do More With Less. […]

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NEETS: the lost generation?

I’m 39. School was a long time ago. But I remember quite clearly that I didn’t know what to do or why I was there. I’m lucky. Academic achievement, up to GCSE level anyway, came easy. But despite this, and everyone telling me all of the wonderful things I should do with my life (go […]

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